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BEST EDITOR @ Underwire Film Festival 2015

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Satan Has a Bushy Tail won Best Editing at the Underwire Film Festival 2015.

It was a great honour to receive such a recognition and a great delight to watch the work of so many talented filmmakers. This is a picture of all the award winners in 2015 - including me! - at the far left of the frame, showing off my cool 'Best Editor' award mug.

The judges chose our film “for its sharp timing and cuts that build the tension and relationships between the protagonists. We were carried along by the mood and tone of the film as the story develops from a sombre start into fits of laughter. It’s all about the reveal in this film. The editing skills heighten the humour of the scenes where the two main characters are preparing to fight the enemy. The edit enhanced the great performances, and made the visual gags work so well that we were all laughing out loud.”

More info:

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