(2020) Lunar Lander Films, Bumble Female Force - 15' drama


Written & Dir. Joy Wilkinson, Produced by Jude Goldrei and Rebecca Wolff.

Ed. Manuela Lupini

MA'AM is the story of Queen Victoria as the original Instamum, struggling with post-natal depression while facing a photo shoot to show off her perfect family to the world. A dark, funny and moving story of a woman spiralling under the pressure of expectations. Winner of Bumble's Female Film Force.


(2020) Hauser & Wirth, Third Channel, Peacock Pictures - 20' mins documentary


Dir, Cosima Spender, Prod. Dorothea Gibbs, Cosima Spender, Valerio Bonelli,

Ed. Manuela Lupini

This documentary is an intimate portrait of British sculptor Phyllida Barlow during her preparation for the major survey ‘cul-de-sac’ at the Royal Academy last year. This film maps the roots of Barlow’s oeuvre, as she revisits childhood memories, domestic and urban spaces, and their subsequent role in her creative process.


(2019) BFI NETWORK, Western Edge Pictures - 10' drama, dark humour


Dir. Ryan Andrew Hooper, Wr. Matt Redd.

Ed. Manuela Lupini

In deepest, darkest west Wales, a toll booth operator with a disdain for conversation and a mild lactose intolerance meets a customer at a turning point in her life.


(2019) Little Northern Light, Hidden Art Films - 15' drama

Dir. Aurora Fearnley, Prod. Adam Gregory Smith,

Ed. Manuela Lupini

A London portrait photographer falls on hard times and turns to life as a Paparazza to support her family. about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


(2015) Film London - 15' comedy


Dir. Louis Paxton, Prod. Maria Chiara Ventura, 

Ed. Manuela Lupini

Wickedly-fun comedy about grandparents, bereavement and a demonic squirrel. Produced by Film London as part of the London Calling Scheme. The film received an award for Best Editing at the Underwire Film Festival 2015. 


(2015) Channel 4 - 3' horror

Dir. Rose Glass, Prod. Zorana Piggott,

Ed. Manuela Lupini. 

If you're anxious, take a relaxing bath. What's the worst that could happen? 

A Moment of Horror Series was commissioned by Channel 4 and premiered on Film4 FrightFest.


(2014) NFTS - 35' observational documentary


Dir. Jack Warrender, Ed. Manuela Lupini

In Camphill Communities people with learning disabilities live and work in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect. This film is about the people who volunteer to live with and care for those with special needs, what challenges face them and what do they gain as a result.

​WINNER: Best Postgraduate Factual at RTS Student Awards 2015 

Best Editing Craft Skills at RTS Student Awards 2015

NOMINATED - Grierson Awards Best Student Documentary 2014


(2014) NFTS - 9' comedy, stop-motion


Dir. Kasia Nalewajka, Ed. Manuela Lupini

Wr. Kasia Nalewajka, Daniel Negret & Manuela Lupini

This relentlessly absurd story will drag you deeper and deeper into the world of the weird and unexpected. Pineapple Calamari has been running in many prestigious festivals, check the full list of awards & screenings here


(2014) NFTS - 20' drama

Dir. Rose Glass, Ed. Manuela Lupini

ROOM 55 follows the journey of a strictly self-disciplined wife and mother who unexpectedly spends the night at a mysterious hotel and finds her curiosity piqued by its dark and seductive secrets.

WINNER: Dolby Award for Best Sound 2014 and Best Cinematography in

Student Etudes Competition at Camerimage 2014

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Palm Springs International ShortFest 2014 | South by Southwest SXSW 2015 London Short Film Festival 2015


(2013) NFTS - 15' drama


Dir. Ryan Vernava, Ed. Manuela Lupini

Hymn to Pan is a romantic tragedy following the tearaway love affair of Farren, a charming but reckless drunk with nothing to lose and Holliday (Lucy Boynton) a naive young girl too eager to grow up.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Short Waves Festival, Poznań, 2014 | London Short Film Festival 2014 East End Film Festival 2014


(2012) NFTS - 2D Animation

Dir Effie Pappa, Ed. Manuela Lupini
Inspired by the world of children's bedtime stories, the film deals with the theme of unity in a troubled society. Made at the NFTS.


(2012) NFTS - 5' Poetic documentary


Dir. San San Young, Ed. Manuela Lupini


'We Are Young' is a reflection on all of our self-destructive tendencies, it is a meditation on young men and aggression and what it is to feel a joy in chaos.


(2011) Ko Films - 50' Rockumentary


Dir. Carl Zitelmann. Prod. All of The Above. 

Ed. Manuela Lupini

Live concert and interviews to the members of La Vida Bohème, one of Venezuela's most acclaimed rock bands. LVB was awarded a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2013 and a Latin Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 2014. 

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