Juliet | Films of City Frames by Giorgio Armani

(2014) Fashion film

Dir. Rose Glass, DoP James Blann, Ed. Manuela Lupini,

5' fashion film made for the campaign Films of City Frames by Giorgio Armani. 

* Selected for NFTS Stars of Tomorrow 2014 at BAFTA *

* Screened at Toronto Film Festival 2014 *

Zacapa Rum | The Art of Slow

(2017) Promo, global campaign

Prod. Something Studios in association with Shuffle Media, Exec Prod. Dan Pickard & Richard Moore, Creative Dir. Nick Hoskin, Dir. Alex Grazioli,  DoP Lukasz Pruchnik, Motion. Hedvig Ahlberg, Ed. Stephen Chan, Manuela Lupini, Victoria Fiore, Agathe Barbier

Four part series that follows award-winning chef Kamilla Seidler as she ventures on a journey of creative discovery to meet some of the world's greatest disruptors in creative gastronomy and learn how they reconnect. 

Hey Master

(2016) Music Video

Dir. & Ed. Rose Glass, Assist Ed. Manuela Lupini

A Gimp's fantasy is about to come true. 

Music Video for The Midnight Barbers


El Niño | The Child

(2015) Teaser

Dir. Valeria Valentina,  Ed. Manuela Lupini, Music by Rafa Pino

Teaser for the short film El Niño (The Child)

Celia decides to embark on a journey with her Child, which will change their lives forever. In the immensity of creation, the future is uncertain for both. Leaving their home might be their only hope of being reformed.

We Are Humans

(2015) Experimental short film

Dir. Rose Glass, Ed. Manuela Lupini 

Music excerpt by Kaffe Matthews, Zeena Parkins and Mandy McIntosh from the album 'Weightless Animals'.



(2015) Experimental short, digital & 8mm. 

Dir. Rose Glass, DoP Pablo Rojo, Ed. Manuela Lupini, 

Rebellion breaks a cycle in this experimental short film.

Off Grid

(2014) Trailer

Developed by Rich Metson and Pontus Schönberg.

Ed. Manuela Lupini

Trailer for the NFTS Indie stealth game Off Grid.

La Vida Bohème Busca

(2011) 8' Comedy Sketch

Dir. Carl Zitelmann. Prod. Juan Andrés Ravell & Oswaldo Graziani

Ed. Manuela Lupini.

(ENG) After the death of La Vida Bohème's lead singer, the band searches for a substitute.  Sketch for El Mostacho - Venezuelan humor website 

(SPA) La búsqueda de un nuevo cantante para la Vida Bohéme luego del fallecimiento de Henry, su vocalista.

La Casa del Dr. Redphone

(2011) 7'min fashion film 

Dir. Valerie Lollet

Ed. Manuela Lupini

Starring the iconic Eglantina Zingg who spends a day of recovery in the House of Mr. Redphone. All the profits made by the film went to Fundación Villa Planchart.


(2011) Music video for DJ Trujillo's release album

Dir. Carl Zitelmann

Ed. Manuela Lupini

In this video, Simón Bolivar sings about his heartaches in the form of a coin while going through life's ups and downs as he circulates from hand to hand. Featuring members of the acclaimed Venezuelan Grammy nominated rock bands ViniloVersus & La Vida Boheme.

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