'Stop whatever it is you are doing and give over the next nine minutes of your life to watching Kasia Nalewajka's wonderful stop motion animation Pineapple Calamari, and I promise that you will thank me for it.'

James Marsh, TWITCH


'Pineapple Calamari is a film that truly embodies everything I love about short film. Making me laugh-out-loud one-minute and then close to tears the next, Nalewajka’s animation caught me totally off-guard and since viewing has left me grinning insanely every time I think about it.'



'Directed by Kasia Nalewjka, this absurdly hilarious stop motion film will leave audiences with tears of laughter in their eyes.'

TIFF Review - Toronto Film Scene


'Kasia Nalewajka’s colourful and mesmerizing stop-motion claymation is reason enough to watch this quirky short. The addition of a dark and slightly twisted plotline against the preschool-style backdrop will surely captivate audiences. [...] This notable short addresses the fine line between self-reliance and the confusing residual effects of depression.'

5 Must-See International Shorts at TIFF 2014 - Scene Creek


'Pineapple Calamari  probably holds the frontrunner spot for the audience award since it had the packed crowd at the ByTowne busting into booms of laughter. It deserves the prize if it wins. This short is very original and very, very funny!'

OIAF Review - Cinemablographer

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Interview with Kasia Nalewajka - Indiewire