Sun, Sea & Surgery

(2020) Channel 4, The Garden - 45' observational documentary


Filmed, Directed and Produced by Lyttanya Shannon, 

Exec. Producer. Spencer Kelly,

Ed. Manuela Lupini.

This show follows three women visiting the Comfort Zone clinic in Turkey, where their holiday package includes new boobs and a bigger bum. But will they get the results they're looking for?

Our Cops in The North

(2019) BBC1, 72 films - Miniseries


Exec. Prod. Kirsty Cunningham, John Douglas, Mark Raphael.

Observational documentary series following the work of Northumbria Police across the North-East of England, telling the stories of the force's officers and the victims of crime they encounter.


(2019) BBC1, Dragonfly - Documentary series


Exec prod. Kirsty Cunningham, Simon Ford 

Series prod. Peter Wallis-Taylor 

BAFTA winning observational documentary series revealing the dramas and dilemmas faced by staff of some of the UK's largest ambulance services on a daily basis. 

Series 4 - Series 3 ( TX1 ) - Series 2

Dir. Hugo Berkeley, Prod. Alessandro De Rita & Lawrence Elman

Ed. Stefan Ronowicz & Manuela Lupini

A documentary retells the story of the largest DNA manhunt in Italy after the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl named Yara Gambirasio.


(2015) Eye The Hook - 90' Feature length film


Dir. Alfredo Hueck

Ed. Alfredo Hueck, Luis Rahamut & Manuela Lupini.

In this political satire, CHOLO (Beto Benitez) a Peruvian taxi driver flees to Venezuela looking for a better life. After a band of swindlers rip him off, CHOLO is quickly trapped in a world of blood and ambition that makes him realise how much life is really worth.

Kids Say

(2014) HKTV - animated TV series


Dir. Lilian Fu

Ed. Manuela Lupini ( episodes: Happiness, Family & World )

*** WINNER SILVER PRIZE for episode ‘Happiness’

in the 16th DigiCon6 Tokyo in Hong Kong***

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